Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome Review

Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome
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but it doesn't do much more than the less-expensive Korg MA-30. That said, I like the KDM-2 quite a bit. It's an improvement on the KDM-1 (which I like very much also - it's just a more basic metronome), and similarly designed. The KDM-2 shares these features with the MA-30: tap-in beat; subdivided beats; 12 calibrated tuning notes (you can choose the exact tuning - A=440, 441, etc); mute button. The added KDM-2 features: son clave & rumba beats (3-2, and 2-3); choice of 4 different click sounds; LCD display; LED beat indicator; loud volume (I play trumpet & have no problem hearing the metronome), and tempo selection in standard metronomic increments (60, 63, 66, etc) in addition to +/- 1 beats (60, 61, 62, etc).
You should get the KDM-2 instead of the MA-30 if you need the extra latin beats, the different click sounds (at least one of which should cut through most loud playing, or possibly small ensemble volume) or the LED indicator (the light however doesn't seem as strong as that of the KDM-1). If these extras aren't enough, the MA-30 would be an excellent choice.

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The Korg KDM-2 is an easy-to-use, electric metronome that visually marks the tempo with remarkable accuracy, and delivers a powerful sound like never before.

Improved cylindrical resonator speaker This digital electric metronome delivers even clearer and more powerful sound, and Korg's acclaimed cylindrical speaker has been further enhanced with an improved resonator structure to ensure that it is easily heard. Even loud instruments will not overpower the unmistakable, clear sound of the Korg KDM-2. And with the KDM-2 you have the choice of selecting 3 different PCM sounds (cowbell/agogo/clave) for the beat, so you can choose which sound you want to compliment the instrument you're playing. The volume can also be adjusted to the most appropriate level. Since there's a PHONE jack built in to this electric metronome, you can connect a mini-plug (1/8") earphone, perfect for private practice.
Easy-to-see, large LED The START/STOP switch located on the top panel of the Korg KDM-2 blinks in two colors--red and green--providing for unmistakable visual indication of the tempo. The START/STOP switch is a great feature if you are looking to practice with a silent metronome.
A variety of beats cover even sophisticated rhythms From basic beats to variations like son clave and rumba clave, the KDM-2 contains a total of 19 beat patterns. You can set the tempo in any one of three ways. Full Step mode lets you adjust the tempo over a range of 30 through 252 in steps of one. Pendulum Step mode lets you set the tempo using the preset tempo settings, as on a mechanical metronome. and Tap Tempo lets you set the tempo by pressing the TAP switch at the desired interval.
Use the reference pitches to tune by ear Sound Out mode outputs a reference tone that you can use as a tuning guide. You can listen to any one of the twelve pitches from C4-B4. You can also adjust the A4 frequency (calibration) in a broad range from 410 Hz-480 Hz.
Memory backup function The KDM-2 provides a memory backup function that remembers the specified tempo, beat, calibration, and reference pitch, even when the power off.
Designed for stability and ease of use The large LCD screen on this electric metronome makes it easy to view the settings. An encoder-type TEMPO/CALIB dial and a Step Select switch provide quick and direct access to settings and functions. Featuring an original design that is compact yet stable, the KDM-2 is at home on your desk, your piano, or anywhere else.
Long battery life The KDM-2 is designed for long battery life. The electric metronome will continue marking an accurate tempo for approximately 120 hours of continuous use at a tempo of 120 beats per minute.
Three-Year Warranty Korg digital and electric metronomes purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer now have a three-year warranty.
What's in the Box KDM2 Metronome, Four AAA Batteries, User's Manual

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